Pat Maguire started the Art Angel Foundation charity to help artists become successful by sharing his vast knowledge of the art business.

Pat’s vision is to build a workshop for artists with an indoor/outdoor venue area for shows and fundraising activities, provide a mentoring program, and to help others less fortunate in the community.  

As a mentor, he will assist artists in publishing of prints and sculptures, creating art books, marketing, pricing, putting on shows, certificates of authenticity and other business aspects of becoming a successful published artist.

Pat has a degree in business with a minor in economics from Cal Poly.  After college, he worked for the US Navy as a Foreman on the Phoenix and Sparrow missile programs, but his passion was in the arts. 

Pat opened his first art gallery in the mid 1980s in Danville, California.  He published limited editions, held numerous fine art shows, and launched the careers of several now world-renowned artists.

In 1993, Pat moved to Oregon and opened Newport Fine Art in Nye Beach.  Pat loved his gallery, but he wanted to do something to help artists and the community.  He purchased a few acres of land north of town and had an architect draw plans for the AAF building and venue area (see photo).  Unfortunately, the city had other plans, and re-zoning and taxes forced him out.   Pat didn’t give up.  He soon found another location where the Art Angel Foundation can operate the business office, have a gallery, and work on fundraising while we continue to look for another property with room for the workshop building and venue area.  

Pat has donated a most of his personal fine art collection to the Art Angel Foundation to help get things started.  Please visit our Gallery page and make a tax- deductible donation today!